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Teaching the importance of healthy living, and thus to overcome chronic malnutrition in South-Africa.

That’s what HeadStartKids founder Lily Geerdts and lifestyle chef Izelle Hoffman have made their ultimate goal.

But who are these two women who want to eradicate the myths around healthy food, change the thoughts around nutrition and the brain and finally change the young people of South Africa, once and for all?

Our Story

Lily Geerdts

Lily is a passionate mom who now looks after more than 10 000 children in the townships on a daily basis. Mom of two girls, and a boy, she is the founder of HeadStartKids, an Early Childhood Development Initiative with a focus on underprivileged/underdeveloped kids and communities.

Izelle Hoffman

Izelle Hoffman is SA’s newest rising star in the culinary industry. Born with congenital hip dysplasia she is 14 operations down the line and she is more adamant than ever to make people aware of the healthy benefits of eating the right foods.

Our Objective


Health in a box offers – with weekly delivery. Contact us for more info:


Cooking classes – could be for clientele, team-building purposes or club members. we also offer domestic cooking classes and upliftment programs

Corporate Wellness – We would love to be part of your Wellness days! Contact us for more info:


  • Events and Activations
  • Vitality days
  • Canteen Menu development and training
  • Thrive for Good product range developed by Izelle Hoffman – available in the retail space, and also available online and for Corporate Canteen’s and School Tuckshops.

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Meet the TEAM

Lotli Sesele


Lily Geerdts


Izelle Hoffman


“Don’t eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”


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